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We are one of the reputed builders in Coimbatore.  PARAMOUNT PROPERTY DEVELOPERS  comes out with the brand “ HARIGAAYATHRI ASSOCIATES “ with the motive of transparent dealing , timely project completion and pursuing continuous improvement by implementation of latest technologies.

A Strong foundation and an equally strong commitment to the highest standards of Quality and Ethics has helped HARIGAAYATHRI ASSOCIATES established itself as the most quality construction company in Coimbatore.

PARAMOUNT PROPERTY DEVELOPERS has built its business on Honesty, Integrity, Trust and Performance.  Our experience and efficiency allow us to get your home delivered on time within the budget and to your complete satisfaction.

As everyone knows the basic needs for every human is Food, Clothing and Shelter.  The Shelter comes as the last one because it is not possible to fulfill it by one self.  Paramount property developers are here to make your dream home a real.  Paramount property developers aims to provide the people of Coimbatore with number of residential and commercial projects with luxury to be executed in the years to come.

PARAMOUNT PROPERTY DEVELOPERS are Guide by the HARIGAAYATHRI ASSOCIATES  team of dedicated young and energetic as well as inspired professionals.  In a Short Span, PARAMOUNT PROPERTY DEVELOPERS will establish a reputation for quality and service to its clients which is the need of the  hour. The team maintains a strong foundation of trust and mutual respect generated through positive relationships with Clients, Architects, Engineers and Suppliers.

At PARAMOUNT PROPERTY DEVELOPERS, our team utilizes state of the art technologies and equipments for the construction of large and small scale projects.  We work  in partnership with sophisticated clients who value the highest levels of Quality, Safety and Technical Expertise, applying our skills to meet their individual needs.

PARAMOUNT PROPERTY DEVELOPERS buildings are designed to high quality standards and are functionally efficient with elegant modern amenities, besides being value for money.  Get yourself PARAMOUNT PROPERTY DEVELOPERS home and look forward to a better future.

Growth through Customer satisfaction is our guiding principle.  We can say this with the confidence which rests on the smiles of over 100 happy families.  WE DO BUILD WITH OUR HEARTS.

PARAMOUNT PROPERTY DEVELOPERS offers a well design home at an affordable and   competitive cost.